Client Privacy Notice

This Privacy notice has been designed in line with The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to give a clear understanding of how Lime Travel store personal data, what it is being used for, how we process this information and who has access to it. To find out more about General Data Protection Regulations please visit The Information Commissioners Office 

Who we are

Lime Travel is a licenced Private Hire Operator who specialise in Home to School Transport across East Kent. We are an approved transport provider for Kent County Council and offer our services to their clients and the general public.
We are committed to ensuring that information we hold on our clients, staff and associates are used purely for its intended purposes of providing our services.


Types of data we collect

We only collect personal data which we deem necessary or helpful to provide our service. This data will not be used for marketing or advertising purposes and therefore hope that our clients will feel reassured that the data we hold is being used responsibly, appropriately and for its intended purpose.

In order for us to operate our services it is essential that we hold certain personal information about our clients. This includes full name, date of birth, address of the child and the parents or guardians they reside with, the school they attend, contact telephone numbers, email address and any other information which is essential for us to carry out our service such as collection and drop off locations, any passwords needed for a handover of clients or any other similar information required for us to carry out our services.

We will request a Travel care plan from each of our clients which will need to be completed by the client or their carer or legal guardian. The care plan will request additional information about the client travelling in order for us and our staff to get a better understanding of their individual travel needs. This information requested isn’t essential information for the service provided but will be useful to us and the client in order for us to give the best possible services. 

We will request consent to hold personal information to any emergency contact person put forward by clients. This will include full name, address, relationship to the individual and contact telephone numbers. We will contact these individuals for their consent to hold this information.

How this information is used

Client information will be used in the following ways. Create work schedules for us to instruct our staff on what they need to do to provide transport to our clients including any additional requirements, contact clients to discuss or send notifications about the service. Emergency Contact data will be used only in emergency situations and with their consent.
Sharing Information

We only share client information with our staff or subcontractors who they are directly working with. Information we hold on our clients are stored and managed through secure hardware and I.T. companies who provide us with data management systems to control and manage the data. We also use text messaging services in order to communicate with individuals. This service is only used for communicating essential information which relates to the service we provide only and is not used for marketing purposes. We only use companies we are confident who also follow and adhere to The General Data Protection Regulations GDPR. Currently we use the following companies to assist us with this Broadbiz Web Services Ltd, WDmycloud, Yahoo, Knowhowcloud and Textlocal.

Access to your personal information

You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. However certain information will be essential for us to store to enable us to continue to offer our services. Email your request to our data protection officer Paul Moat at

Changes to this Privacy Notice

Our policy will be reviewed annually. We will contact you should any fundamental part of our privacy notice change