Payment Update 6th May 2020

Payment Update

Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well and taking advantage of the well-earned down time.

I have been informed by KCC that they will be continuing to make partial contributions to us on the condition that we provide some services to their social care clients. Details of which I will shortly explain. This payment will be made for the month of May. I have not been given any information passed this period as it seems that they are reviewing this on a month by month basis.

Additional Services

This discretionary payment is on the condition that we transport their social care staff to a number of different test stations across the county on an as and when basis, unfortunately at this stage I have not been given any specific details, but they tell me it could be several times a day, hopefully this will be minimal and I will do my best to spread this equally amongst us. This will also be shared amongst all operators so hopefully will be kept to a minimal. KCC have made it clear to us that we will not be receiving any additional income for these journeys due to their goodwill partial payments we are already receiving. Whilst I appreciate this slightly changes things it does help everyone secure some partial income and therefore urge for your necessary cooperation in providing your services to benefit for ongoing payments. Considering this I must ask for you to remain operational by ensuring your vehicles remain licenced and insured correctly and you have your phones switched on and be readily available from today onwards should your service be requested. No doubt I will begin to receive clearer instructions on this over the coming days which I will keep you all posted.


KCC have made conditions relating to their ongoing payments. We are expected to provide any additional services at their request up to the value of the payment drivers and PA’S receive from us whilst schools remain closed. Vehicles are always expected to be licenced and insured so that any requested services can be rendered at short notice, drivers and PA’S are expected to return to work as soon as schools reopen. All these conditions must be met to continue to receive this discretionary payment.

I must make clear that this partial payment to us whilst services are not being carried out does not form part of KCC normal contractual obligations and therefore conditions are subject to change at any time at their own discretion, and therefore we must comply with any conditions they set to continue to benefit from it. I must also make clear that any payment we make to Drivers and PA’s does not form part of our normal contractual obligations and payments made during school closures is at our own discretion and subject to change.

All Drivers and Passenger Assistants must comply with any conditions KCC or Lime Travel make to continue to receive payments. I therefore ask if anyone is unable to continue working you must contact me immediately. Any payment made to anyone from Lime Travel who does not comply will have to return any payments to us immediately. *So that I am sure everyone is aware and agrees to comply with these conditions I ask you to send me a text message to my number 07814260682 with the word ‘’I agree’’. If I do not hear from you, I will assume that you wish not to participate and do not want to receive any payments during the school closure period.

Keeping you Updated

I will update you all, via our website once I have further information. I apologise I can’t communicate with you all on a more personally level through voice call at present, but our website is the quickest way of communicating to everyone at the same time, however feel free to contact me in the meantime should you have any individual queries. Please leave me voicemail if I am unable to answer and I will get back to you in due course.

Keep well, keep your phones on the ready!! and I’ll be in touch soon.

Regards Paul

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