18th March 2020

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Corona virus update 18th March 2020

We have begun to see the effects and measures parents and schools are taking to protect and minimise everyone from the covid 19 virus by self isolating at home. We haven’t seen many school closures yet but inevitably evidence suggests that this is likely over the coming weeks.

During this period I request for everyone to keep me informed of any absences of any pupils and any concerns you may have. I will endeavour to do my best to keep you informed likewise with closures and reopening of schools. It is important during this period that you respond to the changing position and protect yourself, and others by following the National Guidance available at and

Should you become concerned that a passenger is showing symptoms then it is important that you take necessary action to protect yourself and others by appropriate actions and if necessary refusal of transport. In the event that you feel this necessary I ask that you deal with the matter sensitively with the children and parents, carers and schools and inform me immediately.

No doubt you are all taking actions to prevent and minimise the spread in your vehicles but I do ask that you all wash hands regularly and use antibacterial cleansing methods for your hands and on heavily used surfaces in the vehicles.

As already mentioned, advise is available on the links above. However, should anyone have concerns please get in touch with me.

Regards Paul

Lime Travel

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