19th March 2020 10.00am

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Corona virus update 19th March 2020 10.00am

The government announced yesterday a National School Closure from Monday 23rd March 2020. The announcement was very ambiguous causing some confusion with their statement that schools will still be open for parents who work on front line services and the most vulnerable.

I have heard from sources that some schools will remain open from Monday. I have seeked advice from KCC on this matter. The advise I have been given at this stage is that they are liaising with schools and will be confirming which ones are open and to which pupils this applies to. They will be informing operators of this.

In light of this advice please DO NOT transport any of your children on Monday unless I have personally confirmed this with you. DO NOT take school, parents or any others persons requests as confirmation of travel. This must only come through myself once I have received the go ahead from KCC.

Keeping you up to date

I will be using our website to communicate and keep everyone updated on school transport issues. Please use this as your primary source of communications from me at present regarding school closures and minimise your calls to me with only essential communication whilst I try to remain in contact with Local Authorities and schools to establish updated information.

I will keep you updated regarding individual schools before Monday. I will endeavour to keep you all posted but please forgive me if I miss anyone out before Monday. If so feel free to chase me on Sunday.

Advice I receive may change on a regular basis so PLEASE keep track of any updated posts on our website throughout each day.

Regards Paul

Lime Travel

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