20th March 2020 1.00pm

Corona virus update 20th March 2020 1.00pm

School Closures

The message announced yesterday from central government states schools will be closed from Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice. However this is not the full picture and there are exceptions. 

In the announcement Government identified that schools should remain open to accommodate clients, with the following classification;

  • Clients who have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)

  • Clients who are deemed to be vulnerable, and

  • Parents/ carers who are deemed to be key workers

This ambiguous information has left us all unsure as to whether or not school transport will be needed as many of our pupils or parents fall into one or more of these categories.

I have contacted every school today to try to establish which children will require transport as of Monday 23rd March. I have compiled a list of school closures and schools which are open on the Corona updates page on our website.

Open or Closed?

For those schools listed as open, transport will be required from Monday 23rd. For those listed as closed, no transport will be required from Monday 23rd until further notice. For schools listed as Unconfirmed, I will update this over the course of today or the weekend once I have received confirmation.

Please also be aware that although the school may be open, not all passengers may be attending as they may not fall within the criteria to accept children as laid out above, or parents may choose to self isolate their child.

We can expect that there may be many dead runs on Monday due to the confusion. Please can I ask for your patience with parents. I also ask that you

Keeping you updated

School closure and attendance may change daily. I will do my best to keep you updated via the Coraona update page on our website. I ask of you to do the same by notify me immediately of any passengers who don't travel regardless of their reason as I have an obligation to keep KCC notified as this may effect payment.

Regards Paul

Lime Travel

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