Taxi & Private Hire Local Knowledge Test

Knowledge Test

If you are looking to become a Taxi or Private Hire driver then you will need to submit an application to Thanet District Council, Once you've submitted an application you will need to take a Local Knowledge exam, testing you on several subject areas including the following......

  • Highway Code Road signs

  • Operational Procedures

  • Human Trafficking & Child exploitation

  • Safeguarding

  • Local Knowledge of the area

Practise Test & Study material

We have put together some study material and online tests to help all new applicants get started. Simply click on one of the icons below to begin. Our tests and study material are intended as a study guide to assist individuals along with their own study methods and own material. We advise all individuals taking the test to contact The Licencing Department at Thanet District Council to get direct advice on the test.

feel free to use our Practise Resources below 


Operational Procedures


Human Trafficking 

& Child sexual 



Local Knowledge

list of locations

Highway Code Practise Test

Local Knowledge Test