£200 Recommendation Fee

Lime Travel offer a £200 Recommendation fee for every driver that is recommended to us for Airport and Home to School Transport work, Including cover drivers


Who can claim the £200 fee?

The offer is open to anyone who wants to make a recommendation to us. You don't have to have any association with Lime Travel to qualify, 

Can I recommend myself?

Yes, you can but you must meet our minimum requirements to take on work as a driver for Lime Travel and provided continuous work for us for a minimum period of 6 months.

When will it be paid to me?

As soon as we are satisfied that the driver being recommended meets our minimum requirements and all the conditions for making a recommendation are met... 


Making a Recommendation

Call: 07814260682


Give us the name and contact details of the person you are recommending. You MUST seek their permission before doing so or else the recommendation will not be considered.


Conditions for making a Recommendation

The driver being recommended must meet the criteria below for the recommendation fee to qualify.


The Driver

The recommended driver must be a licenced Private Hire or Hackney driver and hold an up to date DBS certificate.


Suitable Vehicle

The driver will need to provide their own vehicle which must be insured for Reward and Hire and licenced appropriately as a Hackney or Private Hire vehicle through Thanet District Council. The vehicle must be in good mechanical order and of good appearance.



All drivers must pass an interview successfully with Lime Travel and complete an induction and registration process with us. If we do not use the driver as they are not deemed suitable, the recommendation fee will not be considered.



You cannot recommend someone who is already registered with Lime Travel or has done so within the last 2 years or any other person unsuitable for the role.


Minimum Period

The driver must have undertaken work for Lime Travel for a minimum of 1 month for the recommendation fee to be considered. They must also be of good character and considered to be someone that we are happy to continue to work with. The manager may consider making payments sooner than this minimum period at our own discretion.


Late Recommendations

The driver must make us aware at point of interview of anyone who has recommended them. We will not consider making payments to any individual who informs us after we have met the driver.


Final Decision

All recommendation fee payments are subject to a final decision being made by Lime Travel management and will only be made at our own discretion. We therefore make no guarantee to anyone that payment will be made.


Right to refuse

Lime Travel has right to refuse any recommendation without giving an explanation.


Making Payment

Payments can only be made to one person. This cannot be made to both the person making the recommendation and the driver.

Payments will only be made by BACS transfer.

We will need contact details for the person making the recommendation. These details will be kept in accordance with our privacy notice.